YMI mobile filing cabinet (manual hand-push system) is most suitable for bulk storage of documents and save up to 60% of space through eliminating aisles in conventional filing cabinets. Ideal for financial institutions, hospitals, warehouse, archives, hotels, legal departments and organizations that need an organized method of storage. System offers a storage solution by increasing needed storage space and save cost. YMI mobile storage provides a single free aisle space to access all shelving easily instead of many aisle spaces between fix storage. Available from 2-bay depth system,1958mm to 6-bay depth system, 5614mm.

Configuration: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 2×4 bays

2 Bay Depth Mobile Filing System

YMI MC4B (4 Bays): 2096 (H) x 914 (W) x 2386 (L) mm
YMI MC6B (6 Bays): 2096 (H) x 914 (W) x 3198 (L) mm
YMI MC8B (8 Bays): 2096 (H) x 914 (W) x 4010 (L) mm
YMI MC10B – (10 Bays) 2096 (H) x 914 (W) x 4822 (L) mm

*Per Bay 406(D) x 2096(H) mm x 914(W) mm

Loading capacity – 50kg. per shelf (uniform distributed load) Loading capacity – 250kg. per bay
Weight per bay – 60kg. (unloaded)
Suitable for hanging files and Quiet and effortless storing arch files movement