YMI mobile filing cabinet (mechanically-assisted system) offers a highly practical and efficient solution to your filing and storage needs. It is specially designed to save floor space and to keep office workspace neat and tidy. The modular concept with various configurations of bays location, enable user to easily add more units ti increase capacity or relocate to another area.

Configuration: 2 x 4, 6, 8, 10 bays

Single Static (2-bay deep) 406 (D) x 1958 (W) x 2286 (L) mm

Single Mobile (2-bay deep) 406 (D) x 1958 (W) x 2286 (L) mm

Double Mobile (2-bay deep) 752 (D) x 1958 (W) x 2286 (L) mm


Standard Height – 2286 mm

Standard Width – 914 mm

Standard Depth – 406 mm for single-bay and 752 for double-bay

Standard configuration – from 2-bay depth (1958mm) to 6-bay depth (5614mm)

Aisle Space – minimum 762 mm

Loading Capacity – 50kg. per shelf (uniform distributed load) Loading Capacity – 250kg. per bay

Weight per bay – 70kg. (unloaded)

Many feature : Anti-tilt, dual purpose shelf, chromed track, lockable and adjustable shelf at 25.4mm interval.